Monthly treat boxes

Indulgent, exciting, guilt free

Made entirely from from scratch using only high quality plant-based ingredients and boxed in eco friendly packaging.

Each month we offer treat boxes of four handmade, healthy, decadent treats that you will be hard pushed to believe are raw & plant-based.  

Available in party size - we can create large treat platters suitable for parties, gatherings or as an extra special treat.

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Hexham, Northumberland, UK

(local delivery only)

NEXT DATE:  November 4th


Organic Brownie Box

Seriously chocolatey bites that really hit the spot.

A selection of six, raw cacao brownies in five irresistible flavours.

Orange | Raspberry | Walnut | Caramel | Coconut

Not only delicious but highly nutritious. 

Raw cacao is recognised as having beneficial aspects to well-being and health. 

High in nutrients (such as magnesium, iron and zinc), fibre, protein and healthy fats.  Studies suggest cacao can lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and improve mood.

Raw cacao is also considered a plant medicine and has been respected and used for thousand of years in sacred ceremony. 

Now available to post Nationwide. 


The perfect, energizing, healthy snack.

We offer a selection of seasoned, activated organic nuts. 

Nuts are a powerhouse of nutrition; naturally high in healthy fats, fibre, protein and vitamins & minerals however they are easily prone to deterioration through incorrect storage and heating. 

Made with Love and Plants use only long soaking and slow, low temperature drying processes to ensure the benefits remain intact.

Simple ingredients - simply irresistible!

Which will be your favourite?

*Cajun spice Almonds

*Turmeric Cashews & Almonds

*Harissa Walnuts

What are activated nuts?  Find out more here.

High demand for the activated Cajun nuts