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Selection of treats in a box with fruit and chocolates.

Made with Love and Plants offer a bespoke personalised service, creating delicious, nutritious cakes and treats for any occasion and servicing a loyal customer base across the North East of England and beyond.

A healthy alternative to traditionally baked cakes, our products contain no refined sugars, dairy or gluten.

Instead, we use 100% organic, plant-based and minimally processed ingredients such as fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and superfoods to add texture, flavour and sweetness.

Meaning not only are they lactose and gluten free and suitable for vegans but they deliver a taste sensation that surprises and delights in equal measure.

After studying nutrition and eastern medicine at university our founder, Jenny Thompson (BSc, Dip) went on to become a raw food chef.  She realised that more of us are becoming aware of the positive effects a plant-based diet has on our health, well being, and the environment. 

And although we are more health and earth conscious, we still enjoy our puddings! Yet find the choice of guilt-free treats is limited.

Not anymore.

By ordering our delicious homemade cakes and treats, you are making a healthier physical and ethical choice while supporting a local creative business.

That's what we call hitting the sweet spot!

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